SL11 in ARA won’t return processed Event

Anyone else experienced this?

I select 2 Events from 2 different tracks in Cubase Pro 13.0.41 and choose SL11 for an ARA extension.
With SL in a separate window on a 2nd screen I perform some Transfer tool exercises, or Cut from one layer and Paste and mix to the other (Cut to layer below doesn’t work). So I can move contents from one layer to the other, no problem, the spectral image changes accordingly, and the sound to.

Then I try in Cubase to ”make extension permanent” for both the Events, one at the time. The Extension mark to the right of the events disappear as it should but the Event image doesn’t update to the new post-extension state, and the audio has not moved from one Event to the other.

By now the SpectraLayers window should be empty but it is not, the layer with the transferred content is still left. And it sounds and looks like it should, with transferred audio and corresponding spectral image. But it should be empty .

So I try to open the Events in Cubase’s Audio editors which open like they should - meaning there’s no connection with the Extension/SL any more.

And when trying to open the Event again with the Extension/SL it will open with the earlier processed layer still there.

There is no way to empty ARA SL or get it to return the processed layer to Cubase.

SpectraLayers 10 didn’t behave like this.
Is it a Cubase13 or an SL11 (or user) error?