SL6: blurred monotone watercolors or X-acto sharp rainbow?

I’m in love with RX’s spectral display sharpness, especially its Auto-adjustable STFT “Multicolor 1” Mode in Extended Log.

I checked out all earlier Spectral Layers versions but was underwhelmed by what seemed to me like “blurred watercolors”, the “one layer, one color” principle seemed super monotone to me.

I’m planning to demo the v6, but until it’s made available by Steinberg, I’d be very interested in reading your thoughts on SL6 visual sharpness if you already purchased it: can we assign multi colors to the dynamics of a single layer? If not, does it feel super sharp anyway?

Thank you!!

SL6 offers a Composite View mode (Display panel, top right) which allows you to see all your layers mixed as a single one, mapped to user selectable colormaps - ranging from grayscale to rainbow, and going through a scientific selection of linear luminance colormaps in different flavors. This is what you can see at 1:02 in the promo video:

Regarding sharpness, I also suggest you give a try to Spectralayers’ Refinement algorithm (Refinement setting in the Display panel), which computes a sharp representation of the spectrogram in real-time, allowing you to see any subtle tone change quite precisely. You can see detailed comparisons of this algorithm (vs adjusted STFT) here (page 3 and 4):

Merci Robin, j’espère que la démo sera disponible avant la fin de la promo.
PS. je t’ai écrit en janvier 2013 pour solliciter un affichage logarithmique… que de chemin parcouru depuis… Bravo!!

En effet, je me rappelle de cette requête :slight_smile: En effet, pas mal d’évolutions depuis… Merci !

I think you will be blown away …