SL6+Cubase. How to play only selection pressing space button


I’am using SL6 only in Cubase ARA integration mode as an additional editor. On audio file I choose Extensions/SpectraLayers.
I noticed two different workflows in standalone and Cubase-integrated mode using space button to play audio:

  • when you start SL6 in standalone mode: space button on your keyboard starts to play only selection area (if there is any)
  • when you start SL6 inside Cubase 10: space button on your keyboard start to play everything. To know how sounds your selection you need to use “Play” tool (“p” button)

Is it possible to have the same workflow both in standalone and Cubase-integrated modes?

Is it possible in Cubase to play only selection using space button?


No, it can’t be done. The way I do it is like yours, using the Play icon, un-ticking the ‘Hold to play’ box, after setting my loop in Spectral layers.
It doesn’t even show the play controls by default when it opens as an extension, you have to go to ‘View/ Toolbars’ menu first to even see it.
Ahh well, still an amazing piece of software though.