SL7 trial

Hi guys. Does anybody knows how to get trial for Spectralayers 7? Steinberg site offers trial only for 6 version. Thanks

took ages (months) for the v6 trial to arrive when v6 was announced so I wouldn’t hold your breath

If someone starts selling smth, I think everyone should be able to try it before buying. Otherwise how can I evaluate it?

you can’t

Great. Great company.

the pressure is to get things released…start bringing money in…then they worry about fixing bugs…creating trial versions later - often much later. And in the case of bugs, sometimes they forget

Maybe they won’t provide us trial anymore because of v6 was cracked?
But it is sad, cuz im owner v6 and i LOVE it. And i want to try v7, but I can’t…

If you have an USB eLicenser you can try any Steinberg software during 24 hours (in total). If you haven’t it, wait for the trial version (normally released after first update).

or: within 14 days money back via asknet. is for every steinberg product. because of german law.

i was looking for it too. I own 6 but I rather check the improvements before buying.

It makes sense to release a trial after the product has been tested in the real world across a greater diversity of systems and a diversity of different ways and then release an update or two - you don’t want new people to be trialing the software when it is buggy.