[SL8] HOW TO copy & paste between channels

this is a new feature, which i wanted, but i don’t seem to get it, how it works.
the manual isn’t clear, refers to layers…

i solo a channel, ow is that the problem. i also wanted to check, can i delete something from one channel, but that isn’t mentioned.

so how to copy & paste from one channel to another one, and if it not yet possible, a FR for delete per channel.

perhaps when i fire up SpectraLayers Pro 8, after writing this, i get it.

simple question. and for me one of the reasons to update…

It works just like layers: to copy & paste between layer just activate the source channel you want (no need to solo it, just click it to make it the only one highlighted in the Channels panel), do your copy (or cut), then activate the target channel by clicking it (highlighting it), and paste.

o i already thought, it was that easy… but to focused, on how you work with layers… EDIT: but it is the same procedure; o yes, tend to forget, to activate the right layer to edit…

----when you solo a chanel, in a way you expect also to do operations on one channel or not?
for me it feels like that, soloing… and then perform processes, etc, on one channel. that was the confusion.-----

STRIKE THAT: my error: i did solo, but didn’t activate the one channel only (so in solo mode it also works)

o this will lead to many experiments! i tested it, without thinking, and feel when i listen to it, rectangular deletions, on side, and other side, at different places, you get powerfull results.

glad, to feel, and i already knew it, the power of spectraLayers is in the details…