Slap in the face

Another made in Cubase. Mixed OTB using the DM3200

Good song!
Very pleasant to listen to, so pleasant in fact that I’m afraid I didn’t listen to the whole thing conciously, because my thoughts were drifting off a little :wink:
No negative comments from me on this one!

I like this one. Well constructed song in my opinion, and the mix sounds great to me. Only little thing I might suggest is putting a little reverb on the vocal especially in the verse. It sounds quite “naked” as it is. Sounds better where it’s doubled in the chorus. Maybe you want to make the drums a little more elaborate and louder in the chorus for contrast.

Really cool tune great parts and I love the keys :slight_smile: I am not sure about the lack of effects…I would play around with a few subtle things on Keys and Vocals to make it perfect …put them in the Royal Albert Hall lol. Great writing and playing!

Another song from you, just as yummy as the other one, especially these days when this kind of “just music but very very good” seems to have evaporated from the planet!

All the constructive criticisms are appreciated which is why I posted to this forum! You can learn a lot from a punch! :smiley:

That is a beautiful way of looking at life, we are all here for the same thing. You are a killer writer in my humble opinion and the way you versed that provides the reason why

Nice little tune, with a good, memorable vocal and lyric. But – your influences are showing – I’m hearing major devotion to Jellyfish and Surfan Stevens here :laughing: Nothing wrong with that however

The mix is about right and I’m a fan of dry, intimate vocals but personally I would still add just a teeny touch of ambiance/space to the lead vocal

Hey again thanks for these suggestions. They definitely will be tried! Never listened to Jellyfish or the other artist you mentioned until I read your post and went to YouTube and listened. If interested, some of the major infuences are David Bowie, Beatles, Duran Duran, Bobby Darin to name a few.

Interesting. I could swear this is Jellyfish all the way :sunglasses: