Slash notation in drum set part bug?

The procedure in John Barron’s recent Dorico 2 new features youtube (24:30) isn’t working for me on my drum set parts. Works on other parts fine.

Write->Create Slash voice does not display or provide the slash voice function for the drum set part.

Bug? Workaround?



What John is showing at that position in the video is using a slash region, rather than a slash voice: try Write > Create Slash Region, or instead try Shift+R and then typing “slash” into the popover.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. The video I was referring to was this:

At about 24:30 John enters a slash voice. This is what I need for the drum kit part. I want to instruct the player when to hit, not how, so I need slashes with flags and stems. I was able to follow his example with other instrumental parts, but not with my drum kit.

You need to add a slash voice to the drum kit. See page 25 in the version history document.

It would be nice to have a drum kit option that behaved like a “normal” instrument, but with funny note heads. All the behavioral exceptions for drum kits are really headache inducing.

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Thanks for your help guys. I edited my drum kit so that the middle line is a slash voice. I can now enter slashes into that voice like any other note. shift-alt-v however does not show the slash voice, and it doesn’t appear that I can copy notes from other instruments into the drum set part and convert them to slashes the way it is possible for other instruments. Is this a percussion kit restriction, or am I once again missing something?

I hope I understand your question correctly

When you press Enter to get the caret, you only need to use the arrow keys to change instrument. Also, any note copied in the drumset can be moved to any other instrument by selecting it and using alt-up arrow or alt-down-arrow.

What I am hoping is possible for drum set parts is what John demonstrated at about 26:20 in Here he selects a bunch of notes from one instrument, pastes them into another instrument and converts them all to slash notation with stems and flags with an option on a context menu.