Slash notation note spacing issue

Struggling to fix this, is there something I should be doing in layout options to prevent this from happening? That I imagine would be the best fix, but I also tried and failed at resolving this via note spacing. I previously haven’t had any issues with using note spacing, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get 4 slashes in all 8 measures, I’m either unable to move the slash that should be beat 4 in measure 7 across the barline to the correct side, or the problem just transfers to a different measure when attempting to move the barline to create more space in the final two measures.

Hello @hts - in Engrave mode, if you switch to Note Spacing, what % value is shown in the system fullness indicator? I suspect it’s over 100%, which changes how Dorico is able to space the system.

If you’re happy with the note spacing in the layout overall (ie it’s just this system that’s not right), try adding a note spacing change at the start of the system and reducing the minimum spacing for quarter notes. You can then add another change at the start of the next system to reset the value if you want.