Slash notation spacing with barlines

Hi Dorico community,
I have a (fast) improvisation passage with slash notation and only few chord changes, which I don’t want to eat up too much space. So I added a Note Spacing change at its beginning (quarter = 2 ¼ seems to fit 8 bars in a row). It works, but I don’t like the spacing between the barlines and the first slash in each bar. I used the spacing tool in engrave mode to correct this in a way I like it to have for the first line, but there are many to follow and this gets tedious really fast:

Is there a way to change spacing of the barlines to the first slashes for a region of music like the note spacing change? I don’t want to change it globally because everywhere else I like the 1.5 spaces at a bars beginning.

I’m looking forward to your ideas and comments!

No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no way to do this.