Slash note position changes with extra voice


Hi folks, as per the image, when I add a voice with notes to a slash note region, the slash notes for that bar jump up to a higher line. As you can see, there’s plenty of space for the slash notes to continue in the regular middle-line position. How can I make that happen?

Dorico 3.5Pro, Win.

You may need to split the slash region in the bar following the whole note chord (select the first slash of the following bar and type U to cut it in two). Then you should be able to select the one-bar slash region and override the staff position of the slashes via the Properties panel.

Thanks Daniel @dspreadbury, that worked brilliantly. I had no idea the U-command existed, and it could be very helpful for changing the length of slash regions in other situations. For example, when two slash regions are adjoining, it’s impossible to grab the handle in the middle and change the length of either the LH region, or the RH region. Regardless of whether you select the last slash note in the LH region, or the first slash note in the RH region, grabbing the handle shown here and moving left/right does not change the length of the either slash region,

The usual shortcuts work, though. Select any slash in the region and use Cmd/Ctrl-Alt-Left/Right to shorten or lengthen the region, or Alt-Left/Right to move the region.

Thank @pianoleo, quite right, yet another thing I’d overlooked.

You folks are wonderful!

Hi team, is there any news concerning the usability of the handles in this or other circumstances? Maybe for 4.0?