Slash noteheads all on same staff line

I often create hits in drum parts by pasting bass or lead trumpet to the drum stave and changing it (in Finale) to slash notepads which all show on the middle line. Is there an easy way to do this in Dorico?

When you paste the notes, choose “Paste special” and paste into slash voice.

I get no option to paste into a slash voice - because it’s going to a drum stave, I think?

Apologies, I read your post too quickly and missed that part.

I’m not really familiar with drum notation. Perhaps you could create a dummy staff, copy those notes into a slash voice there, and then directly copy and paste them into the drum part?

I suppose you don’t even need a dummy staff. You could copy and paste special into a new slash voice in the same staff as the original, then cut and paste that slash voice part to the drums. Assuming that works…

There’s no way to do this in one step, I’m afraid. Ideally you would be able to do this with a rhythmic cue but that’s not currently possible on a percussion kit. It’s something we hope to be able to do in future, though.