slash noteheads without stem

First of all: thanks for all the new features in 1.1. It is indeed a major update ; finally chord symbols and repeat endings etc.

Still I miss the stemless slash noteheads ; I tried to shorten them (-2,5) in engraving mode (bottom panel), but once I do this for one measure, I want to copy for other measures, but then the stem re-appears. Also when I copy this (“stemless”) measure for example to Guitar, I still get the stem. Even stranger: when I get 1 measure right in the full score, it still shows the stems in the part.

I hope there will be an update soon that has the stemless slash notehead ; I wouldn’t think that is rocket science…
When you use the words chord symbols, than you use time slashes in the same sentence, to my opinion…



As you can tell by the way we have approached the new features in Dorico 1.1, we always want to make sure that we implement a feature in the best and most musical way. I don’t believe the correct implementation for slashes is to fill bars with notes using a stemless slash notehead. The correct implementation is more complicated (if not perhaps actual rocket science) but will be more useful, more efficient, and will serve you better in the long term. I ask for your continued patience: I hope that Dorico 1.1 is proof enough that when we say we are going to implement something, you will get something better than what you imagined or even hoped for when it arrives.

Thanks Daniel,

I appreciate all the hard work from the team, and understand that the correct implementation will serve us better in the long term.
I’ll be patient :wink:

In your video “How to input chord symbols” Anthony shows 3 chord symbols in 1 measure. (piano and guitar staves)You can see it at 6’11’’
Without slashes (or notes) it is very unclear which chord gets how many beats.

I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer; I was hoping to make the big switch and say goodbye to AVID.
I’ll keep learning all the ins and outs of Dorico, and will ,sooner or later, be able to do all my projects in Dorico.

Thanks !

Thanks for this question. Stemless slashes are critical for rhythm section (drums especially) and chord changes for instrumental solos.

I look forward to this being implemented.


first of all, Steinberg products are awesome, and I use Cubase Pro and Dorico as my main softwares as of now.
After reading Daniel’s comment, I had to actually create an account here and contribute.

no matter how slashes were invented and used historically, slashes are MUST HAVE tool in genre using lead sheets like jazz and pop.
I love Dorico over Finale for its features, performance, and ease-of-use, etc…
However, not having good slash options actually makes me go back to use Finale EVERY TIME I need a jazz chart or pop lead sheet for quick rehearsals.
This is actually a DEAL BREAKER for quiet many people I believe. I was hoping to be full-time Dorico user, but now I am forced to go back to Finale, which I wish not to.

I wanted to post this, so Steinberg actually takes this seriously and improve on Dorico’s features in making charts and lead sheets in popular genre.
I cannot wait for Dorico to implement this, so I can be full-time on Dorico.

Also, I would like to see more staff choices. I just do not want to see grand staff all the time for the piano. Also, I sometimes want grand staff for horns, and I just cannot do that on the fly. I know we can create another instrument track and change the names, but that is not so intuitive, I think.
Not to mention, nice integration with Cubase. (I don’t exactly know how, but i’m sure everything is wishing for this integration :smiley:)

But overall, Dorico is such a great product, and I still think it is the best. just got some rooms to grow since it’s the youngest in the market.

chanhokim, thank you for your feedback. I am happy to be able to tell you that both rhythm slashes and being able to change the number of staves in an instrument will definitely be included in our next major update. That update will not be free, I’m sorry to say, but we hope you will find it to be fairly priced for the new features it will include.

Sounds great. Is there supposed release date?

There is, but not one that I can tell you!

Thank you!

Daniel, you tease! :smiling_imp:

Awesome. I’ll be patient!

For now, this script works wonders.