Slash Noteheads?

I’m trying to find slash noteheads, which are extremely common in Theatre,Jazz and commercial music. (See pic attached)
I’ve looked all over for this and tried all the noteheads but can’t believe the notation doesn’t do it.
Is it possible? Am I missing something?
Slash noteheads.JPG

Dorico does not yet have proper support for slash noteheads, but you can show them by right-clicking on a bunch of selected notes and choosing Noteheads > Slash Noteheads. They will show stems by default, so if you want to remove stems you can do so via the Properties panel in Engrave mode, reducing the length of the stems on those notes by -3.5 spaces.

Great, thank you for that Daniel!
Took a while to navigate (I’m new to Dorico) but it worked.
I really like the way Dorico is looking - if it did chord symbols and slash noteheads I’d buy it tomorrow!
You can hold me to that :slight_smile:

As an aside, please, more support for “commercial” writers (i.e. non classical notations).
Sibelius suffered from the same problem for years but I would guess that it’s these writers that have the money to buy the software!

Thanks again!

Chords is something Dorico’s team is working on, there are numerous threads about that. Nevertheless, you can add text inputs (in Write mode, shift+x) to your slashes, which means you can copy-paste chords from a font, as a workaround (as we do with some articulations or system dividers…). Just select the right font in the popup and paste the chords you need.
Hope it helps !