Slash region doesn't move when pasting a bar via cmd-c/v and input toggle

I know I could have solved this much more elegantly in 2.0 using the system bar, or else using the bar dialog on the right hand side, but wanted to bring this to the attention of youens guys developers:

I realized I had forgotten one bar, so I copied one, set the input toggle, selected a bar line and did cmd-c/v. The contents got shifted accordingly, but only to the first slash region. The last bar of the “non-slash region” overlaps with the first bar of the slash region. In other words: The slash region did not move with the rest.
Or is this somehow intended to be on purpose?

Anyhow, it’s starting to be fun using the software!

That is what I would expect, since when you do things in Insert mode, only the current voice gets shifted, and slash regions don’t live in a specific voice. They belong to the staff as a whole. In future we plan to add more control over the scope of Insert mode, so that you can specify whether you want to insert time in just the current voice, or the current staff, or indeed the whole ensemble.