Slash region glyph?


I’m using the MuseJazz SMUFL font. When using this font, slash regions display with square shapes instead of slashes. I figure that all I probably have to do is to go into Engrave->Music Symbols and substitute the correct item for the box, but I’m not sure which item to edit in the list. If anybody could supply that information, it would be much appreciated.


Have you restarted your computer after you installed the font ? If you work on a PC, that is a widespread mistake not to restart…

Slash regions are actually drawn using one of the slash notehead types, so you need to make your edit in Engrave > Notehead Sets, not in Engrave > Music Symbols.

Thanks Daniel, that fixed it.

Marc - I’ve been using the font for months, but just tried doing a slash region with it for the first time yesterday.

Ok, mducharme, it could still help some newbies :wink: