Slash region handle

Has the slash region handle or handling been changed in the last version ?

It’s almost impossible anymore to select this ending circle to drag the region unless zoomed in at max, I recall not having to zoom at all before to do that, but now every time I click on it it just selects an other component like the bar line unless I zoom to the max.

Or is this a known bug to be corrected soon ?

Thanks !

I just select the line and use ALT+SHIFT+L/R Arrows to change the length of the slash region.

didn’t know that trick, thanks, but anyway when needing to extend to a lot of bars it’s a lot easier to drag, and I don’t remember having difficulties to do so prior to updating to 4.3

No, there hasn’t been any change in the way handles for slash regions, repeat bar regions, chord symbol regions etc. work recently.