Slash region removes caesura

I’ve searched the forum, but can’t see to find anyone else with this issue. I have a caesura in my score and I’m using ‘create slash region’ for my rhythm slashes. As soon as I create a slash region that exists in the same measure as the caesura, the caesura disappears from the drum staff… The behaviour I expected was for the slash region to continue and the caesura to still exist as it does in all the other systems. I tried creating a slash region just shy of the measure with the caesura and then dragging into the measure with the caesura. The moment the slash region touches beat one (the caesura is on beat three) the caesura disappears. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, I’ve experienced that (and posted about it, albeit you were there first) and I consider it a bug. So far the officials haven’t commented on it yet but I hope they have noticed.