Slash region

I can’t create a slash region in bars that only have a chord symbol.
‘Create slash region’ doesn’t do anything.
Shift-R doesn’t bring up the popover.

User error I know, but what am I missing?

You can’t create a slash region with a chord symbol selected, because the chord symbol doesn’t belong to any particular staff (it’s global to the whole arrangement, like a tempo or a rehearsal mark). But creating a slash region in a bar that is empty other than for a chord symbol should be fine: just select the bar itself and not the chord symbol.

I wasn’t selecting the chord symbol. I tried selecting the system track and tried putting the caret at the start then Shift-R. The only way I could do it was to input notes, then delete them after the entering the slashes. The Shift-R popover appeared once there were notes there.

Slash entry could also do with an option ‘Do not reflow bars whilst dragging a slash handle’.

Yes, please!
Do not make it an option, make it a rule to reflow bars only after mouse_up.
I burst out laughing yesterday trying to adjust a region. Whenever I reached the final bar the bars collapsed, and since I still had the button pressed this left me with far too many bars selected. Trying to go backwards made the bars expand again, leaving me with too few bars selected. I don’t remember how I managed to solve this in the end, but it felt like a cat-and-mouse game…
I had fun though trying my best :sunglasses:

The obvious way of working round this would be to use galley view, I think…

I’m on chart number 3 now. I still can’t Shift-R into an empty bar. What am I (not) doing?

Steve, you can’t invoke the Shift+R popover from the caret, only from a selection. So select the bar rest in that bar and don’t hit Return to show the caret, but instead hit Shift+R at that point.

For the user it would be easier if both would be possible.

Ah that makes sense, although it would be better to invoke shift-R from the caret maybe with a default length of a bar?
I always work without the rests, so hadn’t spotted that. Been back in Finale for a month…

In my scores I have bar rests hidden, and I do not know how to invoke the new feature in blank bars.

As far as I’ve found, you need to put a note in, start a slash region, then delete the note. Clunky, I know…