Slash regions "transposing"

For some reason the slash regions in my score change when I toggle between page view and galley view:

Galley view:

Page view:

This happened also on another project, I wonder what might be the reason?

Both projects are created from a template that I have made. I have created the slashes with doricos slash region tool, but the piano instrument might be from music XML -import.

Can you attach the project itself, or at least a cut-down section of the project that demonstrates the problem?

Problem with slashes.dorico (2.0 MB)

This project should reproduce the problem. Condensing has to be on, then toggle between transposed and concert when looking at the full score. Sometimes the slashes will go to middle C.

I could not cut down any bars because then the bug would go away, but I deleted most of the instruments used in the project.

FWIW, they appear this way to me too when I open your file. No idea why. If I select them all and click the “Slash pos.” toggle so they reset to 0, they then look fine, but obviously you shouldn’t have to do that.

Sorry to take a while to come back to this one. Complicated problems take a while to investigate!

There’s a subtle bug here that only manifests in certain circumstances when condensing is enabled. We will look at this and try to fix it for the next Dorico update, when it arrives.


No problem, I’m happy that you could reproduce it as well!