Slash voice Music xml problem

When multiple notes are underlying a slash voice notehead, the music xml export includes all the backing notes. This causes trouble with import in Sibelius and Finale. I’ve attached an image of what Finale does. Sibelius is similar but no stems on the slash noteheads.

Slash voice xml problem


I wonder if Dorico stores that info (hidden) for playback purposes.
Wouldn’t Finale have a plug-in to strip this notation down for display?

Don’t know much about finale. I send XML files of the piano/vocal to my music director so he can do the vocal arrangements. I don’t know much about the philosophy behind MusicXML, but if its intent is to capture what is displayed, then Dorico should be stripping the extra notes.


Yes, we know about this one, and it’s on our backlog of things to improve in future.