Slash voice shows default noteheads with "Use single voice"

Just pointing that out, I’m not sure it has been reported. When you switch a flow drum set kit setting to “Use single voice”, the slash voices are nicely incorporated, but loose their slash noteheads. Workaround is easy: we can set the notehead to slash. See attachment.

That is the reason I dont use the slash voice but add an instrument on the b line and change that notehead to oversized slash noteheads. You also will not get unwanted rests.

This is the expected behaviour: a single voice can only be either a “normal” voice or a slash voice, so if you tell Dorico to use a single voice for the whole drum set, you’ll get a normal voice, not a slash one.

Daniel, I understand your point and problaby you are right, but I think that a drumscore is a combination of a really written out part, a part with slash accents, a part with slash regions and kicks over time. If you want to use single voice notation what I personally like (also because you don’t get unwanted rests) then the slash voice, I have to create by myself. Not a big problem, but as I mentioned in another post I feel that making a drumscore is not so easy yet as almost all other things in Dorico. I repeat it is not a big problem, I work easy now and I know a lot of things in drumnotation are not standard. I agree btw that a slash voice and an instrument mixed on the same time is not clear and not common use.
Greetings from a very happy user,