Slash voices and condensing

Is it so that slash voices do not support condesing at the moment?

I’d like to use a slash voice to notate unpitched effects, since it stays in the middle of the staff for both transposing score and score in C.

To achieve this, I changed the slash notehead to look like a cross notehead, but of course I then lost the ability to create slash regions…

Perhaps a follow-up question would be that does someone know a better way to achieve this (notation for unpitched material at the center of the staff for both transposed and non-transposed score that also condenses properly?)

Galley view (transposing)

Score view (transposing)

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I can’t think of a good approach for this at the moment, Sampo. Really I think the best way would be to be able to use instrument changes to unpitched instruments and have Dorico still condense the music properly, but unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment.


Thank you for the response. I decided to use the slash voice method until I am finished with the music - It is more enjoyable to work when these unpitched notes don’t jump around when toggling between transposed and non-transposed score.

At the end I will change the slash voices to regular voices with appropiate note heads and stick to transposing layouts only.

Even if it was possible, I wouldn’t use unpitched instrumets since that would almost double the number of staves in galley view, in which I work a lot. That would also compromise the ability to write chords for the whole section in galley view by expanding the caret.

If the condensing algorithm could correctly condense slash voices, that would be ideal workflow for me. I suppose there must be some technical challenge that makes this hard to achieve?

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It’s simply something we haven’t specifically worked on as yet. All things are possible given sufficient time and willpower!

Of course!

If at some point it would be possible to develop an “unpitched” voice (that stays always at the middle of the staff, has a cross notehead and playback disabled) that would be surely very useful for lots of composers.

If it would be possible to manually* change the notehead of a slash voice, that would almost achieve this as well. (*not the actual music cymbol, but by right clicking with the mouse)