Slashes and tablature

Good morning,
How do you turn the numbers on the tab into slashes?
When I turn the standard notation into slashes, it works but the tablature keep showing numbers.
Thank you.

How have you turned the standard notation into slashes - by either inputting notes into a slash voice or changing notes into a slash voice, or changing the notehead design?

If the last one (changing the notehead design), that won’t automatically update tablature. I’d recommend using the 2nd method for existing notes, and the 1st for when you know in advance you want to input slash notes.

Good morning Lillie,
Thank you for your reply.
“changing notes into a slash voice” works perfectly, but changing the notehead design, in my case, works for the staff but not for the tablature.
Thanks again.

I believe that’s expected - changing the notehead design is more cosmetic, whereas Dorico has an in-built slash voice/slash region feature that’s more semantic.