Slashes in Drum Sets

To write and midi record drums on my keyboard I set my percussion note input to Percussion Map in preferences. As midi instrument I use the Halion SE Jazz Drum Set.

For jazz style drum notation I want to write a mix of slashes without stems and slashes with stems in a drum set (see picture). What I don’t want are the rests, and the tie should be up and the articulation on top. So obviously the slashes with stems and the slashes without stems are using different voices. Why do they do this? Is there a way to avoid it?
When I add a slash instrument (without stem) in the Percussion Instrument I can play/record/write it by pressing midi note F4 (clave sound) which is fine. When I add a second slash voice with stem I can’t find a note that will trigger the slash with stem.

I also tried to add a standard drum instrument to the set (bongo sound) and changed the note head to a slash. Looks fine and I can play it on C#3. But as shown in the picture it also uses another voice and writes unwanted rests. Both, the bongo-slash-note-head instrument and the standard slash instrument are assigned to the same voice number and the same stem direction in the Percussion Instrument edit window.

Is is there a way to create slash instruments with and without stems which are triggered by different midi notes and use the same voice?
Or alternatively a way to either create drum instruments without stems?

Thanks and greetings,

Whether or not you can input slashes from your MIDI keyboard will depend on whether you’re using the option to input according to staff position or the percussion map; the slash instrument won’t appear in the percussion map, so you won’t be able to input that when using the percussion map method. However, it should be fine using the staff position method.

Slashes with stems and slashes without stems will always be written in separate voices. You might find it easiest to have a single component in the kit that uses slashes with stems, then hide the stems of the notes that you don’t want to have stems using the ‘Hide stem’ property in Engrave mode.

Thanks! So it will be a mix of slash regions, note input and note input with hiding stems. Good to know.

Is there a reason for this?

Yes, a single voice can only have one identity: slashes with stems, or slashes without stems.

Ok, thanks!