Slashes not working in Dorico 4.0.10


I tried to input slashes in the rhythm section part of my score using shift R and return but nothing happens. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi Leo, welcome to the forum! When you say

are you entering “slash” into the popover before pressing return?

Yes I am

It sounds like you want rhythm slashes rather than tremolo strokes.

Yes that fixed it but I ran into an other problem. When I try to copy paste the slashes and chords, for some reason it doesn’t add them to where I want them but it adds the selected bars as a extra to the end of the score.

Did you first select the empty bar (or note or rest) at the start of where you want it to go?
If you Paste with the final barline selected, it goes after that.

Yes I did

Pasting chords seems kinda tricky in Dorico

If you’re pasting chords because you want to show them in the same bars but above other staves, you don’t need to paste them – you can just set the corresponding players to show chord symbols.

You can also use the caret to tell Dorico exactly where to start pasting material, ie on a particular staff.

If you’re new to Dorico, you might find our First Steps guide helpful – it’s a walkthrough tutorial of creating a short piano piece and then an extract of more contemporary music with chord symbols, lyrics etc at the end.

There are also plenty of really great videos on our YouTube channel.