Slashes play notes when selected

Why do slashes play notes when selected? Is there any way of disabling sound on slashes being selected. I still want to hear the written out parts. I was listening to voicings that I had created by selecting the top note in the score then shift-click the bass note. I kept hearing a concert G which wasn’t in the chord. It took a bit, but I found that the slash in the piano part was playing the G.

You could filter-select all slash voices, and toggle the suppress playback property.

How have you made the piano notes slashes - by changing them to a slash voice, or by changing their notehead? Changing the notehead is just a “graphical change”, but if you change their voice type to a slash voice, they should be muted in playback automatically.

(Edit - sorry I reread your post, and realised you meant sounding outside of playback, when you select the note.)

Thanks Dan and Lillie for your replies!

So yes Lillie, this is not a playback issue. It is a selecting issue. A slash should not have a tone, unless it has a chord attached to it. Then is should probably play that chord when selected.(but in my case I am listening for the voicing that I have created, I wouldn’t want to hear it in that case.)