Slate digital FG-X

I’ ve just installed the Slate digital FG-X mastering compressor and it won’t show up in my VST plugins in N5 32 bit or Cubase 6 32bit for that matter. It does show up in the 64 bit versions but when I close the programs it throws an exception error. I’ve copied the dll into the plug in folders of all those programs but get nothing, anyone using this plug with any success? I’m on Win7 64 OS . Take care Logan

I can remember that I had similar problems when trying to use a jBridge Version of the 32bit plugin because I wanted to check out if here the CPU performance is better spread via the cores (it uses 40% of my Nuendo Meter while in Windows it uses only 2 or 3 percent of CPU - “they” say it is because of its great sound/processing but well, I would say it is a calculation bug). It was not there anymore, had to remove the bridged version to be able to access the regular version again.

Try to use just one dll (the 32bit version in your case) in ONE folder (the shared one) and temporary remove the 64 bit version or move it to a “64bit only” folder which is not linked in the 32bit hosts… this should work

Thanks for the info. I did manage to get the plug to show up in N5 and C6 by deinstalling it and reinstalling and putting the 32 bit dll in the non x86 vst plug folder, which I hadn’t done the first time. The 64 bit plug still throws an exception error when I close the 64 bit version of either Nuendo or Cubase. Still no luck getting the plug to show up in wavelab yet, which is where I’d really like to use it. Take care Logan