Slate Digital VCC 64bit 1.3.5 STABLE

Yesss! Version 1.3.5 of the Virtual Console Collection finally seems to be stable in Cubase 6 64bit after 4 hours of tweaking :smiley:

Give us a wee review

4 hours of tweaking what?
(confused - there is nothing to tweak)

Oops, that doesn’t read back very well, sorry - what I meant is that I used it for 4hours continually without problems or glitches of any kind.

Previously I was experiencing crashes, sometimes the GUI disappeared as soon as I clicked on it and sometimes the knobs wouldn’t rotate so you had to click on the area where you wanted the knob to turn to (reported all this to Slate btw). All this seems to be fixed in this version :smiley:

So I meant tweaking my mix.

I’ve also noticed that you don’t have to push it so hard now, but this could have been implemented in a previous update but I’ve only just noticed as I was continually rolling back to quite an early beta version. This meant that my earlier mixes with the VCC were now distorting as a result, so I was tweaking my older mixes.

A review? Okay, but bear in mind everything is just my humble opinion & I’m only relating my own experience, YMMV.

I’m working entirely ‘In The Box’ doing EDM with soft-synths so I was looking for something to make everything sound a little less sterile. I considered getting a TL Fat Track summing mixer at one point just to get my stuff into the analogue domain, but then realised I’d also need buy expensive AD/DA converters too… So, after reading a few glowing reviews I decided to buy the VCC, even though it was still in Beta.

The VCC offers 4 analogue console emulations (EDIT well, not full emulations, there’s no EQ or compressor etc, it just emulates quote ‘the nonlinear musical qualities’ of the desk) - Brit 4K, US A (Discrete), Brit N (Discrete) & the ‘Symbol’ which, as far as I can gather, relate to an SSL 4000, an API, a Neve & a Trident. When I first got it I was just slapping the ‘VCC Mix Buss’ on the first insert of the master buss of previously mixed material and switching between the different consoles and then increasing the ‘Drive’ knob. I was immediately struck by both the Brit N & the US A, the Brit N noticeably bolstered and warmed the bass/kick and the US A brought the mid & treble of synth leads to the forefront. The Brit 4K also seemed to bolster the bass, just not as much as the Brit N. I must admit that I then defaulted to using the Brit N on everything except lead synth parts, for which I use the US A.

Just slapping the VCC Mix Buss on the master buss does reduce sterility to an extent but it’s when you start putting the Virtual Channel on tracks and using Groups that it really starts to shine. When Virtual Channels are Grouped you start to get ‘Cross-Talk’ between the Channels in the Group. I remember being slightly disconcerted the first time I soloed the bass but could still faintly hear the kick-drum, but I think it really does help a mix gel together more.

Despite the cross-talk it does seem to separate elements more, to my ears there’s an overall reduction of ‘mud’ & everything just sounds a little more polished. Also, did I mention you can have a different console on different tracks/groups so you could, for example, put your bass through the Brit N, drums through the Brit 4K, synths through the API & guitars through the Trident ? :smiley:

Thanks for that.

I mix in the box too and find the AbbeyRoad plug-ins give that je ne sais quoi thingy.

Then I add PSP Vintage Warmer into the mix.

Brings a smile to my ears.