Slate Digital VCC makes N6.0.4 irresponsible


I was trying VCC today in 64bit N6 on my MAC in 10.8.3

Always after inserting it the plugin slot N6 became irresponsible to keyboard or mouse commands.

Is someone experiencing the same? I bet its a problem with Slate coding.


I for one will not give Slate any more of my money. No customer support, and code is way behind in time.
Software needs to be kept current for crying out loud, Technology changes daily, Software companies need to stay on the ball, support their paying customers and keep their product up to date.
Just my humble opinion.

I never had problems with Slate until I moved to the MAC. On Windows all was fine but their stuff is not running in 64 bit on the MAC. It’s not a question of buggy code on their end (or Steini) it’s a question of them finally updating the compile to natively support 64 bit and they are simply not interested in doing so it seems because they should have done that years ago, they stated on their web site that they will have a 64 bit in the fall…we’re only in June…
They also barely ever respond to customers on their forums and I have yet to see a response that was actually helpful
Wavelab 8 on the MAC is completely useless in 32 bit mode and has to be run in 64 bit mode. W8 is supposed to have a service release coming out this or next week, I’,m hoping it’ll fix the 32 bit issues on the MAC and then hopefully I can run it in 32 bit mode using the current Slate Stuff

No problems with Slate here, but also running on PC.

I’ve been having trouble with Slate plugins since I bought them. The trigger when unloaded crashes and pretty much all the others do the same. the only stable one is the drum sample player SSD.

I have been in touch with Slate Digital and Steinberg and both blame each other

Just have to put up with it I suppose

slate VCC and VTM all running fine in Cubase 7 x64/Nuendo 6 x64 here.

Just finished two albums both using lots of console and tape without a single issue.

windows 7 x64 machine.


I also have not had any issues with Slate plugins on a 64-bit PC set up, but I am only a home studio user who spends too little time with his recording rig.

HOWEVER, I just noticed yesterday that the FG-X was gobbling up a lot of the CPU load and disc cache. I was punching up a friend’s demo and only had the final stereo mixes. I applied only a single stereo EQ (NI Solid EQ) and the Slate FG-X to the master stereo bus, and the CPU hit 47%, about 46% of which was attributable to the FG-X. Literally a handful of 4-6 minute stereo audio tracks with no plugins, and one instance each of the 2 plugins noted above on the stereo bus, and it hit 47% of the CPU. Same impact to the disc cache.

My machine is not the newest or best, but it is still fairly beefy and solid, and I have separate drives for audio, samples, etc. I do not recall that kind of impact from one instance of the FG-X running N5.5 on the same machine (or perhaps I just did not notice it… I would think that the CPU load of a plugin would be the same irrespective of the DAW, but again… amateur here).

I mention it only because I jumped onto the forum to see if others had a similar experience. I even thought that perhaps my Nuendo settings were not maximized for multicore, etc. (not the case, FYI).


In all seriousness, I have found the opposite to be true & that N6 seems to use slightly less CPU compared to N5 on intensive plugins - I have one that will not even run on my system (Unveil in a 5.1 buss) on 5.5 - immediately into the red as soon as I initialize it - but on N6 it starts at 90% and only (?) tips into overload when the transport starts.

you need to get yourself a decent machine Neil :smiley:



Slate is fine on Windows…the problems are on MAC, which is actually quite ironic since I just moved over to MAC after 30+ years of non-Apple because I fell for the good ole: “All Pro-Music is done on the MAC because it’s more stable” after year, after year of hearing that crap I finally believed it only to find out that most software that runs on both is actually more stable on Windows… live and learn

Still no excuse for Slate not to get their act together. If you sell a product for a platform, ensure it works as advertised or don’t sell it and for crying out loud support your paying customers