Slate FG-X and Wavelab

Has anyone had any joy using Slate FG-X with Wavelab 8 (reliably)? Alternatively, has anyone who has actually used FG-X found any other plugin combos that do/sound roughly the same? I’m not to bothered about the compressor, though it sounds nice enough - I’m more interested in the transient/level/itp side of things. I should point point out that I don’t use it as a 1 plugin volume/mastering solution but, as those who use it will know, it’s can be a very useful tool in the mastering engineers arsenal. Thanks in advance. Mark.

I’m unable to get it to load. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled. Still won’t show up. Bummer. This is keeping me from using the new version.

I haven’t had any issues with w8 and fg-x
I’m on win7 64 bit W8 64 bit and so far so good

I just upgraded to Wavelab 8 and the FG-X was the only plug it could not load. I did install the 32bit version. I suppose I’ll reinstall the 64bit version but hope all my plugs still load that may not be 64 bit. Does Wavelab have a wrapper?


See here: