Slate Headphones and the Control Room Routing Question

I have the new Slate headphones and i am trying to find the most ideal way for routing. The picture show the current set up. What i dont like about this signal flow is that the headphone section does not have a ‘dim’ switch but the ‘Main’ section below it does. I cant seem to figure out in the F4 - Audio Connections U.I. how to do ANY routing to the “Main” section. I can see it, its there…with its big red nob and dim switch. But as of right now its all for show. Its not doing anything to any of my levels or outputs. The Phones output works as it should. I’d rather just monitor off the Main output IN the control room (not off the stereo buss which is routed to my midfield monitors)

Can anyone help an old fart out with some routing advise?

Your outputs are connected to the stereo out (master bus)?
This will do a double routing…

Dont know. All i know is my main out is connected to my JBL midfields and the MAIN big red knob does absolutely nothing. When i turn it up, down or Dim it does not effect whats happening in my headphones or in my speakers.

WHERE do i access the routing for the Main section?

To what is your “stereo out bus” connected?

Not sure i full understand the question you are asking.

  1. The internal cubase routing?
  2. My hardware signal path?

I was trying to ask as simple as possible…
Cubase Outputs? Your main bus is called “Stereo Out” as seen on your screenshot.
To what is it connected? Outputs tab in Audio Connections window…

It should be set to not connected. This is required by the control room to work as intended.

Ahhhh, got ya! I now understand what you are asking.

I am 98% sure it set to ‘not connected’. I can confirm but i do recall looking the other day and it saying ‘no connected’.
I think if both are connected it gives ‘double power’ to the mains, if memory serves.

I still cant figure out a way to tweak the routing of the “Main” section of the control room.

Hm, makes me think your Master is connected to the speakers…

I’ll take screen grabs of all the F4 routing settings tomorrow night.
Gotta play Chef Denicio tonight as its Valentines day.

I’m chef…btw… but don’t tell my receipts…

Here are the images to show you how my audio is set up.

Now, any suggestions on how i tweak the ‘master’ settings in the control room?? I cant find them.

What you mean with tweak settings?
There is volume control for your speakers and the headphones…
what are you trying to tweak and how?
What is Total-Mix showing? Maybe there is something routed…
Can you provide screenshots with audio playing, please? (CR, TotalMix, and the mixer window)

Did you try to disable CR and reanable it?
And try to get it working without any plugins first, unload them not only disable… You can store a preset for the plugin settings to keep the settings already made…

"Tweak settings’ as in:

I can tweak the routing of Phones and my Mains (see image above) but i cant find any option to assign RME outputs to the ‘Master’ part of the control room. Right now the big red MAIN control room knob (and section) is functionless. I can turn it up and down and it affects nothing.

I see no options in the Audio Connections interface that allows me to assign and reassign RME outputs to the Main section.

Where are the settings for what is circled in red?

But you can hear audio?
Did you tried it without the plugins?
Does the CR meter show something?

The orange button that says “Mix” should route your “Stereo Out” to your speakers…