Slate plugins & cubase 8???

So been going through & i have noticed some Slate plugs create havoc with cubase only when loaded.

Im also Noticing some thing weird…

If i add a plug in on a certain slot, it creates the cpu average performance to hammer it’s peak like a pendulum.

Either i remove the plug in & it fixes cubase instantly or move it to another group… so a group feeding into another group & the cpu asio performance is fine…

or a restart of cubase or the mac.

Trackspacer does this (great plug by the way) but seems very stable & not buggy. Unlike slate when moved to another slot.

I Also notice if i open up a vst & the Graphic interface pops up it also creates the asio & cpu to stutter with any plugin once you hit a certain cpu limit?

funny thing is my cpu is 80% idle im a bit baffled if it is cubase? the plugs or both. or a graphic card problem?

my specs below.

Also once the system goes into the pause Glitch state, Each hammer of the cpu Vst performance Meter the Mouse & full cubase system will pause then work again.

If i run cubase in the back ground while in this state, my mouse is fine & other apps work fine. any ideas?

have a lot of slate plugs here and no problems with Cubase Pro 8.0.5 / Win7x64

I’m running VCC, VBC, VTM and VMR with no issues here. CPro8/W7

Are you running vst3 versions of the Slate stuff? They’ve advised everyone to use the vst2 versions for now, as many people are reporting issues with vst3.

im not sure. vst3 is has the little lines beside it right // like that?

Yeah, but its three lines I think- ///

I have been loading all my plugins as vst2 only. Can anyone convince me I need to even consider VST3 versions of my plugins? (OTHER than for side-chaining functionality of course)

vst3 is using dynamic cpu allocation, i.e. it is only drawing cpu when there is sound coming through.

There are definitely issues with slate plugs and C8. For me, it was VCC and RC Tube. Touching a Control on VCC would freeze the Cubase GUI.
Slate is aware there’s an issue. Support sent me a beta build that kind-of cleared things up. They still cause crashes though.

Hopefully it’s a non-issue as v2.0 of VCC is coming it in a few weeks as a free update.

As with all things C8, everyone’s having their own experience. My brother has a nearly identical rig to mine, but had no issues with his Slate plugins!

C8 is mostly very stable for me, however, the latest versions of VBC will crash it.I rolled back a version and have no problems with VBC. Also, no problems with Trackspacer at this point…

I had loads of problems with VST3 versions of Slate’s VBC and VMR. I reverted to VST2 and it’s been all cool sailing since.

yeah i have found with the vst3 in the new engine if you cut a audio file for say 1 second or even less it makes cubase glitch, I think this is due to the vst3 turning on and off. this was with any vst3 plug.

I can’t wait for the next update… really like cubase 8 though.

Go to preferences>VST>Plug-ins>Uncheck “Suspend VST3 plug-in processing when no audio signals are received”

thanks ill do that tomorrow. will that stop vst3 doing what it does.

VCC occassionaly crashed cubase after opening the mixer. Which is steinbergs fault imo.

If your issues are indeed related to vst3 processing, it should do.

I have big issues with Slate Digital FG-X. It is crashing Cubase 8.0.5 every time in projects where a lot of VST instruments are loaded. In general there are many reports about Slate Digital PlugIns and Cubase not going well together.

NO Problems here with FG-X on Mac with Mavericks

So weird how the issues are so varied–even on identical machines!

Woo! I worked it out!

So the Slate VBC the Vari Mu, is memory leaking. the latest update is causing huge problems with cubase…

I figured it out by dropping it in 1 by 1.

The previous update confirmed working is Version stops cubase cpu spikes.
I hope this helps some people. Im over the moon finally getting some where with cubase.

I the slate VMR is also memory leaking, I dont own or use that yet…

IM slowly getting cubase to almost stable! still a heap of bugs… slate is a major problem…

also the new ilok update fixed some issues as well.

do not go near vst3 with slate. I hope it helps some people…