Slate Raven MTi2 / Cubase Beta for PC?

I’d be curious about how well the Raven/Cubase beta is going. Anybody trying it?

I get my unit this Friday. Curious about the Cubase Beta as well. Please enlighten! How is everything so far? Is this Cubase 9 beta testing?

I would be interested to know how it is working.

ME too!

The Cubase beta didn’t work out for me for the Slate Raven MTi2. I returned it. However, I would encourage people to try it themselves. I have concluded that I am just more productve with a mouse. Other’s like controllers.

Good to know! Thanks!

Is the MTi2 still in beta for the PC? Anyone having good results with it?

:cry: I am still very confused on the status of Cubase PC with slate raven. I see videos demonstrating it on YouTube, but it seems like no one here on the forum has gotten the raven to work with Cubase. I can’t fathom what in the world is taking slate so long with this. :confused: