Slate Trigger MIDI issues?

Hey fellas!

i’ve been using Slate Trigger for my drum replacement needs most recently, after getting fed up with Drumagog’s lack of accuracy with detecting drum hits. Works like a charm, but now i’m getting a strange issue, maybe some of you have heard of it?

When I feed MIDI into Trigger, i get uneven playback. For example, I’ll feed in 4 bars of 16th notes, and it will sound like popcorn. :laughing: Actually its not funny, this is irritating. haha.

I’ve used Trigger in this capacity before and not run into issues. So for fun, I called a ProTools session and did the same experiment, and it’s perfectly even. Something’s going on in Cubase that i’m not aware of methinks.

Anyone run into this at all? shot in the dark i realize…