Slate VMR problems?

I’m on Windows 10, and the Slate VMR is killing me.

I created a preset that includes it, and it loads well enough, but Wavelab 10 crashes when I try to remove it.

I’m on Windows 10 and Wavelab 10.0.40 build 127

Do other people use the Slate VMR?


Slate is kind of buggy in general, even in Pro Tools which is one of the main DAWs of course. I used to beta test for Slate and stopped because I can’t stand Steven Slate :slight_smile:

I’ll give him credit that his drum trigger was and maybe still is the best there ever was, but in general, he has a quality vs. quantity problem with his products. I would write to Slate support and ask if they actually test their plugins in WaveLab anymore, or if they just test Cubase/Nuendo. My guess is they don’t really test WaveLab specifically, but maybe the crash reports will help them locate the problem and update their plugins.

I do still use Eiosis AirEQ which is built on the Slate framework (same developer) but I haven’t tried to use anything Slate in WaveLab (or elsewhere) in a few years.

I would look elsewhere IMO :slight_smile:

Thanks Justin,

The only thing I use is Revival. It adds a fullness to the bottom end that EQ can’t. I don’t know what it’s doing, but I love it!

Do you know of anything like that?

I also love the Eiosis EQ, it feels and sounds great, and doesn’t seem to cause any problems.


Revival sounds like an analog-like saturation tool. For this, I really like the Vertigo VSM-3 plugin from Plugin Alliance (or UAD). I use the Plugin Alliance version often in WaveLab and like all the other Plugin Alliance plugins I use, it behaves well.

The VSM is a little complex at first with a lot going on but it really allows you to fine tune the saturation because you can solo the saturation, dial it in, and then blend it in to taste.