Slave Live to Cubase -- Mac (Live) with Cubase on a PC

I want to run some VSTi on a Mac (Live) with Cubase on a PC.
Can I do this without VEP?
If so help would be appreciated.


It depends, how complex should your setup be. Of course, you can connect both computers via common MIDI (with MIDI interfaces on both sides). Or you can use any other MIDI over ethernet or MIDI over IP solutions. But to be hones, at the end, VEPro is the best solution, you can find.

So cost is the issue which is why I’m trying to do it on the cheap.
Assuming I have a midi interface on both, where can I find a resource on how to set it up?
No issue finding info on the Mac side with Live but scant info for the PC with Cubase doing it this way.


Just add a MIDI Track and route its output to the proper MIDI Port.

That will allow me to trigger midi, not run two computers in sync.


You can sync 2 DAWs via MIDI.