Slaving ProTools to Nuendo with MMC-Sync

Hey everybody,

for an upcoming project I want to setup a backup tracking on a ProTools System via MMC-Sync. The Main-System is Nuendo 10 with Nuage Fader and Master. The Backup will be a Mac Mini with ProTools, which should react to the Transport from the Nuage. Audio over DANTE and DVS (MacMini).

I´ve already gained some results. Both systems are connected via BomeNet MIDI Network. Nuendo sends the MMC to the Reader Port of PT. Transport and Sync looking fine. The only problem now is that the record in PT won´t start when I press the record button on the Nuage unless I press the record button in PT first (Record Ready). That is unfortunately not the workaround I was looking for.

Although it is more a ProTools specific question maybe there is somebody with a comparable setup.

Anyone have any ideas?

P.S. AAF Export and Import into PT is not an option because we need to Edit in PT immediately after the recording.

Kind regards!


try “transport record lock” in preferences/operation. (in PT)

Hope it helps…

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

The problem was that I worked on a „normal“ PT 2018.10 and this function in the preferences seems to be an Ultimate only - but I won‘t start complaining about Avid price politics :smiley:

Thanks again!