Sleeping Ava- Desert

new updated version , hope you like it

Ava 9 weeks old.

Ah, beautiful. Congratulations Peter on becoming a grandfather!

Lovely gentle melody. How did you get the acoustic/reverberation space? Sounds very lush but clear.


Hi Steve ,

Thank you :smiley: i’m a happy grandfather indeed.
I am using the Replika delay from NI . I was looking for the Stymon big sky and tempted to buy it but found this VST
with a diffusion effect. I love it !. I am still experimenting with it but it has not disappointed me until now. is a stable plug-in working flawless with cubase. Check it out ! Costs about 50 euro’s.

cheers Peter

Prachtig :slight_smile:
This’ll get anyone to sleep, not just little Ava!

lovely tune ,but the guitar doesn`t fit at the moment and it is out of time ,did you quantize the did fit briefly when it was playing like a mandolin and was playing the same melody ,but at the moment it is distracting and sounds like two tunes at the same time , maybe if you scored out the music and doubled the songs texture with a classical guitar part to build the drama maybe it might work .

thanx for the close listen, i will have a look at it !

cheers Peter

Mix redone.
Cello added, mandoline deleted.
Though comping job with the acoustic guitar ( 6 takes )
No quantizing ion the audio , some on the bass /keys.

mix redone,
cello added, mandoline deleted.
Though job comping the acoustic guitar tracks ( 9 )
thanx for the feedback

Peter, congratulations! I’ve got no grandchildren yet, but I do remember my very young children (was it 5 days or 5 weeks? Soundcloud says 5 days, not 5 weeks, and I’m guessing that’s right).

As always you create a lovely atmosphere, that I listen to carefully to try to figure out what I can learn from it. I was pleased to see your answer to Steve about what makes the acoustic guitar sound so good, mainly because it turns out I already have the Replika delay, which came with NI Komplete, so now I can go play with it! I love the toy piano! Just adds to the beautiful atmosphere you’ve created.

I heard it before you added the cello, and I’ll just suggest that it distracted from what seemed to be the melodic/thematic direction taken by the piano, and supported by the guitar. It comes across as an alternate melody being played at the same time. Assuming the piano has the melodic lead, maybe the cello should be placed in a more supportive role.

Regardless, this is a beautiful tribute to your granddaughter that she will probably never really appreciate!

Keep them coming!

Thanks Leon for the close listen.
You’re absolutely right about the mix.
I think i was to hasty mixing it and posting it. I made de basic mistake of mixing and mastering on one day and was eager to use the recently acquired Tina G legato cello sample. So I will have a look at it again soon after some slower approach of the tune. Thanks anyway. :smiley:

Congratulations Peter to your new family member!
A most joyous occasion.

I liked the composition. Strings sound great.
Agree that cello is the feature. Is that what you wanted?

Some audio spikes/distortion between 00:36~00:47.

Very lovely tune.

thanks for all the feed back, posted an updated remix


nice,that is lovely .the main melody is strong and the guitar added just enough .it`s funny you chose to pan the guitar center for a supporting role but it did work.well done

Beautifully done Peter.


Peter, I think this is much better. You’ve reinforced the melody with this version. So that’s not cello anymore, but violin? Melodically it makes more sense. I can hear where it’s going. Fits with the piano. Very moving, in fact. I do hear the cello back there on the right. The toy piano is not quantized. I do like that. Well done.