Slice again: need help

Is it possible to move the slice of the fourth page to the first or second page? or to delete page 1,2,3 without losing the slices?

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You can re-order the flows in Setup (just drag 'n drop).
And for any layout you can select which flows to show (just untick any flow you want to hide)

Hi Janus,
Thanks for your answer but slices are not store or positioned with flows but with page! So I can’t use your proposition
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I suggest you split them into separate flows, as they appear to be separate bits of music (Write->split flow)

Thank you but my English may not be good enough because we do not speak about the same thing.
here is a translate from google to explain:
I make flashcards which must always have the same dimension to be able to be used in javascript programming. So I use slices and several flows in my project and I would like to simplify it by removing unnecessary flows and keeping only one but have my slices that we see on my first post. And then use this single flow and put several players (which are in fact exercises) that I select as I wish in the left part of setup → players to export the flashcards of each exercise

These two topics may have the pertinent info:
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Ok thanks: so impossible!