Slice Audio to MIDI

Does Cubase have a slice audio to MIDI option?

In Ableton you can right click on an audio track file in the arrangement window and choose “slice to midi”. You can then choose to slice the audio into 1-127 parts. It then cuts the into a new midi track automatically for you and the 1-127 midi key steps play different parts of the audio. It is essentially a super easy way to resemble and reorder an audio clip and play it as if it were a midi instrument. I know it can be manually done by slicing the audio clip myself, but that is far too laborious :smiley:

It is a feature I use a lot in Ableton and wonder if it is in Cubase?

It is, I can’t think of the command to do it right now but it’s in there. Ableton’s is a little more intuitive if you know their interface but the function is the same and the result is the same.

Here’s an article from Sound On Sound. VariAudio I believe is what you’re looking for…

different thing, that article deals with extracting the note pitch info.

the OP wants the slices to be mapped to a sampler (i agree ‘slice to midi’ was misleading but it’s the nomenclature ableton uses for what really is ‘map slices to a sampler’).

you can do that in cubase, and the easiest would be to use groove agent for this. but there’s not one-click solution unfortunately. nowhere near the streamlined way ableton offers (one of the the most creative aspects of ableton, this).

if you dont have automatic hitpoint calculation enabled in preferences, you can assign a keycommand to that (‘hitpoints-calculate’).

then you can drag and drop an event onto a GA pad. it will recognize the slices if they had been defined in the event. then in the slice tab of GA, you can drag the corresponding MIDI part out to the arrange.

THAT’s what it is. My bad. Good on you and thanks for clearing that up!