Slice mode or Hotkey for "Create Slice"?

I love the graphics slice feature. It would be wonderful, however, if I could set a hotkey for “create slice,” or if I could enter a “slice” mode that allows me to successively draw slices. As a music academic, I use the slice feature to excerpt musical examples. Often I am slicing a larger score, and I need to make many slices. The current approach is completely mouse driven, which I find tedious. The slice mode in Pixelmator Pro, for example, is really fast and easy to use. I searched for “create slice” in the key commands but didn’t find anything. Any thoughts?

Welcome to the forum, @tposen. I’m afraid it’s not possible to assign a key command to the tool for drawing out graphic slices, but I’ve made a note of this and perhaps we can add this in future versions.