Slice page of GA5 isn't working in Cubase 12 on Mac M1


Slice function in GA standalone works as expected but not in Cubase. Here are my steps - loading the same sample from GA browser in Cubase 12 and then Standalone.

In Cubase, I drop a sample from GA browser and go to Slice page.

I click on ‘Create slices’.

GA in Cubase looks like this:

I drop the same sample from GA browser in standalone and it looks like this.

Both instances are creating the same slice points - cool. However, you’ll notice the displayed sample and visibility of slice markers is different. (In the slice page - not talking about the sample page).

Concequentley, in Cubase I cannot access the full sample in the slice editor page. I therefore cannot amend the slices created or add new ones because the sample does not zoom. This also means that ‘manual’ slice mode as opposed to ‘transient’ is impossible.

Additionally, on my Mac m1 key pad I use the two finger slide up and down with ‘cmd’ to zoom in and out. This does not work in slice page in cubase - the result here is a strange zoom movement in the timeline - display of sample stays unchanged.

Two finger slide up and down with ‘cmd’ zooms perfectly in standalone.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Ps. I trashed my preferences but it made no difference. I also disabled all third party plugins and only Halion sonic SE was availiable when adding instrument, ha - one battle at a time.

Weird Im on an M2 Pro Mini and haven’t run into this yet. Spent the last couple weeks dropping some projects from my MPC into Cubase via MIDI, and had to recreate all my drum breaks and whatnot with GA SE in Cubase 12, and slicing was just fine for me.

Having the same exact problem with Win10 + Cubase 12 Pro and Groove Agent 5.1.20.
After creating slices the sample doesn’t scroll/zoom, only the slice markers move.
Stand alone Groove Agent works, as does older version of Cubase 12 + Groove Agent on my laptop.
I’ve been struggling with Cubase crashing constantly before the latest update and now this. I’m getting pretty fed up with being unable to use the software I paid a lot for.