Slice Rules Panel

I thought I would import some audio loops to have a play with the audio quantizing feature and have followed the instructions (create hitpoints, group edit etc) but can’t see the Slice Rules in the Quantize Panel.

Am I missing something? All the samples are the same length and out of musical mode.

There are a few posts on this but not an answer that explains what actually are the rules of the slice rules. What audio can you use etc

Not quit sure how you’d use this feature with different loops. It’s intended for multitracked drums…so if your loops aren’t already playing well together then it won’t do anything to help…It retains the relative position of slices across all the samples.

So that said…to get the slice rules take 2 or more loops, put them onto a track each. Select both & right click & select move tracks to new folder. On the folder click the = sign for group edit.

If your loops are exactly the same length & start at the same place this will work now. If they are different then you will get an error about tracks being out of sync. So then you could do a range selection/bounce selection to make them the same.
Once you are in group edit mode (easy to test…make sure no part is selected & move or split one event & all others should do the same.) go into an event & create hitpoints. Open the quantise panel…the slice rules should be there.

Sorry to visit your old thread, but I found the bug he was referring to.

I had all my tracks glued together to get rid of that “group editing might not work properly” message. However I was having the same problem and not getting the priority slicing section under the quantize feature.

Once your group editing is working, you need to bounce all your glued tracks and replace them. Select the tracks in your group and click Bounce under the Audio tab.

Once I did that, it’s been smooth sailing so far.


Ha yes I found that in the end sorry for not replying I clean forgot I made the post!

Cheers anyway!