Slice Rules - what are the rules?

I have been able to successfully use the slice/qantize/crossfade feature for multitrack drum editing. On the raw tracks it works fine, however, after some surgical editing and bouncing to sort out specific issues I find that the
slice rules box ceases to appear. Only the qantize box pops up and it will not quantize the audio any more. Even
bouncing the tracks to ensure the start/stop/duration is identical does not seem to resolve the issue.
I would like to understand more about what factors would stop the slice/qantize/crossfade process from working. I am speculating that the algorithm only works on multitack audio where the relationship between the tracks is intact (ie the original tracks recorded from multiple mic’s in a single take). This would explain why editing or using material from different takes stops the process.

I would really like more information on this topic ie. what are the rules of the game here? Cheers Rob.

This happened to me as well, I found that after quantising that some kicks that had been played particularly sloppy had been quantised to the wrong quantise point. This created two kicks on at the same quantise point!

The solution was to switch to lanes mode, you can then see the error and move the offending segment by hand back to the correct point.

In other words I think if there are two or more overlapping parts it wont work

Maybe you have the same problem?