Sliced acapella hits mapped to Groove Agent SE disappeared

Hey guys, so this is the third time this has happened on one of my projects.

I have created slices of an acapella, and mapped various vox shots to Groove Agent SE where I have recorded in midi notes. Project working fine. Then I saved the vox chops as a preset, which loaded up fine the first time I worked on the project.

The next day,I tried to search for the missing samples in the project folder where the acapella is and it would not locate it.

I cancelled that, and brought up Groove Agent SE, all the vox samples were in red and missing. I clicked to replace file and it doesnt seem to be replacing. The waveform in the SE window is missing and the sample pads are still red.

Please check out my 5mb video (download via wetransfer):

This is the third project this has happened to. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Yes this happens to me everytime using SE in this fashion as well. So I thought… let me use SE4 for these tasks but each time I try to save a project with these edits SE4 corrupts the project and leaves me unable to save. If I unload SE4 in that project the save happens without issue. There is a thread in the issues forum regarding this strange behaviour.