Sliced loop - previewing slices error (silence).

Hi guys,

I’m quite new to Cubase and have just been trying to learn it via online tutorials etc. I have Cubase 5, USB Mixer/Audio Interface, USB Midi Keyboard. Sound coming out the USB audio interface. Simple home set up.

Following the youtube vid on GA/Beat designer - Basically - Find a loop in Media Browser > Slice it up > add slices to GA > use Beat Designer to make the beat.

Problems i have though: When picking a loop/sound from the browser it doesn’t preview in the browser. I have to add it to the track to listen to it. If its not what im looking for i need to delete it - reopen the browser and repeat.
When I slice the beat it doesn’t preview each slice when you click on it. It’s still in Musical Mode and the speaker sign appears on each slice, but no preview. Means i have to try n slice it well enough by eye…

Im assuming these two problems are related? but have no idea what’s up. It worked the first time I used it but never again. Any ideas?

hi guys,

can any1 help with this please? probably something stupid ive missed but ive no idea what.

thanks guys.

There are three buttons in the top right corner of the Previewer section of the Media bay (the section where you see the sound wave) . Click on the one that enables Auto Play New Results Selection.
As an option you can also enable Wait for the Project Play (that’s the 3rd button in a row). You will be able to activate the preview with the space button then, just like in the arrange window.

If you can’t hear any audio coming out of Cubase it means your audio outputs are not configured properly. Try checking Device Setup and VST Connections. The former should have the appropriate audio card driver set in VST Audio System window and the latter should have the device and its ports set in input and output tabs.

The Control Room had errors near the left and right outputs… just reselected them to my audio interface output and works now. Strange cause everything else was working fine.

Thanks guys.