Slicing in Halion 5

This is the question and problem I’m having. I load a sample, slice it then apply. The slices starts at C3, what I want to know… Can I select all and drag them to C1 ?. I’m new with HALion 5 and need to know can this be done :question:

Hi there, C1-B2 are off limits unfortunately, they are designated by default to play the full loop as is sliced, however, at different keys for pitch differences. If you have the randomize function enabled, these keys will also play that pattern, as set. These keys are shown in light green for this reason. The keys in white are your actual slices. Dragging and dropping the midi pattern from the slice player also automatically assigns the slices starting at C3.

Thanks… I was going nuts at one point trying to figure this out.

Not a problem at all, I am glad I could help. This is by design and works quite well in how it is incorporated. Just get used to starting your slices at C3 and you will be fine.