Slicing in Sampler Track

Cmmon guys! I own both GA 5 and Halion 6, but sometimes it’s more convenient to use the sampler track for quick chops/testing ideas.

Sampler track should be more like Ableton’s simpler.

Would love to see this too!

PLEASE… Similar to Magix Acid Chopper!

+1 I’m pretty new to Cubase and Sampler track is my favourite unique feature. Slicing would be very welcome indeed.

+1 For this for shure!

How isn’t this already implemented? Seems a bit Stone Age doesn’t it?
The amount of steps i gotta take to get a damn sample chopped onto keys in cubase is ridiculous.

1)select the audio region
2)double click the audio editor to create slices
3)click on create slices
4)open the groove agent plugin and position the window away from the view of the audio region otherwise it covers it.
4)drag the chopped samples onto the first pad
5)click on sample button in GA to unveil the extremely hidden warping buttons and sync to tempo buttons.
6)restore any damn warping and transpose I had on the audio region by manually adding it in AGAIN into groove agent like as if it was never added prior. I had it on musical mode and transposed to +3 in the arrange page. Why for the life of me it can’t be transferred over is beyond me especially when GA uses the same algorithm and engine.

Ableton - right click audio region and create slices and check the box to ‘preserve warping! 1 step?!? I’m instantly playing the slices!

Logic - create sampler track - instantly opens a new track with sliced audio on it?!?

Cubase is so powerful but sometimes to do the simplest tasks takes an eternity in 2020! I know the software isn’t aimed so much at dj’s or sample freaks but this is a bit surprising that it keeps getting skipped over and over with every major update.