Slicing Samples and Reset Pads

Hello community,

there is something that is really driving me nuts and is screwing up my workflow.
When I slice samples (soul samples most of the time) to make a beat, I slice
the sample, then pick the chops I want to use and reset the pads I don’t need anymore.
Then I rearrange the pads to create a kit I can play with. The Loop-Symbols on the pads
that I reset are still there because the “root”-sample is still mapping it’s slices there though
I reset the pads already.

Then I usually slice another sample of the same source and also only pick the stuff I need.
Now I want to remap the order of the pads and move the slices of the other sample to the bank
where the chops of the first sample are located. But I cannot drop them here because the first
sample still owns the pads (loop-symbol on the pads).

Does anyone get what I mean and am I the only person who works like that to create kits?

This is really annoying. I cannot properly create my kits.

That’s why I opened a feature request to render slices as samples on pads.
Is there some workaround?

Please Steinberg, make this possible.

Thanks everybody.

Edit: Found a work around … I can get the
samples summed up in one bank, when I change
the pad order (use the shift button while dragging
the samples on the empty loop-pads). But they still
respond tontheir previous trigger notes then. So you
have to activate “Use Hatdware Controller Mapping”
to get the trigger notes right …

But this is not too good as you lose a lotta pads and the new mapping isn’t saved with the kit.

Am I the only one who needs this? Anyone with another workflow in here to achieve this?!?!?!


Hello from the year 2019…we’re on Groove Agent 5, and I too am looking for a a way to render slices to better mix/match sound sets.