Slide audio and glue - bug??

Hi folks,

I think i’m coming up against a bug when using the slide audio feature, and then glueing regions…could anyone please take a look at the short screen-capture on the link below to confirm that this behaviour is a bug or not!?

Thanks! …J

9.0.1 build 113

No, not a bug - I think its worked like this forever…

Once you’ve slipped and glued the audio events as in your video, they become contained into an ‘Audio Part’. In essence, it is now just a container for those ‘Audio Events’ and slipping/sliding the referenced source audio, is no longer possible.

You could try ‘Dissolve Part’ before doing your second slip/slide edit, and then re-do your gluing…?

Others may post in with more technical insight.

Thanks, i didn’t know about the dissolve part feature, very handy and i guess an easy workaround for this slightly strange behaviour!